The Genomics Resource provides support for genetic and expression analyses. Services are provided in three laboratory facilities - 1) DNA Array, 2) Genetic Analysis, and 3) RNAi, and include Oligo and cDNA microarray technologies, NextGen and CE DNA sequencing, genotyping, quantitative (real-time) PCR, shRNA/miRNA/siRNA screening technologies.
Thomas Bldg DE-740
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 19024, DE-740 Seattle, WA 98109-1024
(206) 667-2714
(206) 667-2825
Jeff Delrow, Ph.D., Staff Scientist and Director

DNA Array:
Thomas Bldg DE-740
(206) 667-2714

Genetic Analysis:
Thomas Bldg DE-302
(206) 667-4470

Hutchinson Bldg C2-176/181
(206) 667-4670

A complete listing of Genomics employees is available from the directory.

Those new to genomics technologies or new to using the genomics laboratory are strongly encouraged to meet with lab personnel prior to planning a project.

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Thomas Bldg DE-740
(206) 667-2714

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