Mouse Necropsy

Contact: Sue Knoblaugh, DVM, Diplomate, ACVP
Contact phone: (206) 667-6971

Training Type: By Appointment
Training Format: Live Presentation

From Snout to Tail

Dr. Sue Knoblaugh, comparative pathologist, offers one-on-one or small group (2-3) training in mouse necropsy techniques. The class will provide a thorough guide for collection of all major organs and lesions in an efficient and orderly fashion. Techniques discussed include: protocol design, proper dissection, tissue trimming, and fixation. Reference notes and further mouse references will be provided.

Necropsy is the post mortem examination of organs and tissues. There are many necropsy protocols and techniques. We will discuss a basic and complete protocol that covers the mouse from “snout to tail”. Variations on the procedure are often based on the aims or specialization of research. We will discuss useful techniques to develop a protocol that efficiently evaluates all organs and lesions, and that can be teachable and reproducible. A standardized systematic procedure, to which minor variations can be made, can improve comparisons within and between studies. Data generated by anatomic and histologic evaluation of a cohort are essential to mouse model validation. Anatomic assessment begins with developing a plan for necropsy.

Who should attend the Necropsy Class? In addition to new investigators, we strongly encourage all investigators, graduate students, fellows, and staff engaged in animal research to attend. This is also a good opportunity for those new to mice and/or new to the Hutch to meet Dr. Knoblaugh. Dr. Sue Knoblaugh is a board certified veterinary pathologist with expertise in comparative pathology and training in laboratory animal pathology with expertise in mouse pathology. Dr. Knoblaugh has a special interest and expertise in laboratory animal pathology with expertise in genetically engineered mouse models of human disease to include mouse models of human cancer and infectious disease. As a comparative pathologist, she collaborates with the faculty at Fred Hutch to evaluate and characterize their mouse models.


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